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VISVIM - Designer Project

Arthur Arbesser - Pitti Italics

Project room The powerful message of a fashion show

Fashion / Design / Performance by Sara Pizzi

A fashion show is a full-immersion experience. It is a transportation of the senses and emotions into the creative world of the designer and brand style.

For a fraction in time, lights, sounds, atmosphere and location become the vehicle of communication between the spectators – journalists and buyers – and designers, or more precisely for their ideas. 
It is a subtle link that must be strengthened and celebrated by the show planners and performers.
“Our work, above all, involves translating the nebulous ideas inside the head of the designer into a powerful visual message” Fausto Poli tells us. Architect, art director and events manager, he is the force behind events for numerous international fashion brands, such as Costume National (where, for a long time, he was visual director), Valentino, Trussardi, Tod’s, Arthur Arbesser and Roger Vivier. “The event only exists in the moment when it is seen for the first time” continues Poli “and for this reason it is fundamental for us to ensure that the first impact leaves the public with an enduring sensation. This sensation is our starting point, around which we develop a project and place it within a location”.
For Pitti Uomo 91, Fausto Poli has worked with, and executed the events for, both the Japanese brand Visvim, within the atmospheric Stazione Leopolda, and for Carlo Volpi, Pitti Italics. 
These are his comments on his work and the execution of the two projects.