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Fondazione Pitti Discovery would like to thank Guy Martin for this exciting reportage and nineteensixtyeight for this collaboration

Project room EYES OUT OF TIME

Fashion / Photography / Performance By Fulvio Ravagnani

The photos of this particular project room could almost be taken from the set of the latest Netflix series, a story of Medieval intrigue, coronations and knights, rites and fortune tellers, secrets and mysteries, prisoners and suits of armour, stolen glances and enigmatic tales of a setting reminiscent of Florence in the time of the Medicis. In fact this is a visual account of Pitti Uomo 91, portrayed through the eyes of British war photographer, Guy Martin. A different face, a newcomer to the fashion scene, selected to provide an alternative look at this edition. His point of view, just like his work on the front line, centres upon the theatricality of the space that surrounds him, isolating specific subjects and transforming them into icons of the moment.