Project room Myownbooks By Emiliano Laszlo

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We asked Emiliano Laszlo, co-founder of Studiopretzel, to take some photos of his personal library and to answer a few questions on the subject of books.
Your favourite books?
Definitely Amore mio infinito (My infinite love) by Aldo Nove, Less than Zero by B.E.Ellis, 
Whatever by M. Houellebecq and then Tokyo blues by H. Murakami.
What was the first ever book you read and loved? 
The path to the nest of spiders by Calvino.
Are there any books that are in some way inspiring you? 
The secret history of the lord of Musashi by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki and Demons by Jun Ishikawa.
Are you in favour of digital books or are you still linked to the traditional version?
I have nothing against digital books; it is simply the natural evolution of things. I think it is a fantastic idea for today’s nomads, people who travel, who love to surround themselves with what is essential. What is certain is that the appeal and smell of a paper book are and will remain necessary to personal development.
 By Fulvio Ravagnani