Project room Myownbooks By Linda Loppa

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Telling with books A personal journey into the libraries of the creative
We asked Linda Loppa, director of Polimoda, to take some photos of her personal library and to answer a few questions on the subject of books.
Your favourite books?
Books that tell of interesting unusual life experiences, of different cultures and languages. Salman Rushdie is a genius because he takes you into an imaginary world, which is very close to reality. The Moor's last sigh is fantastic. I even try to read in Italian. I had to read The Prague Cemetery by Umberto Eco twice. The language is difficult, there are complex metaphors and places, tormented characters, but I managed to finish it. The language has become a problem: I can no longer read in Flemish, and so now I read in English, French or Italian. My library is filled with my husband's suggestions on what to read. Recently he has found it difficult to suggest any new titles because this is such a creative period for me: I cannot relax with a book that does not spellbind me right from the first chapter. 
What was the first ever book you read and loved?
Difficult to say, but in my library I found a pocket size book on BYZANTIUM dated 1958. This books would seem to have left a remarkable impression of culture and aesthetics because I always go back to Ravenna to see the mosaics and mausoleum of Galla Placidia, the daughter of Theodosius the Great. 
Are there any books that are in some way inspiring you?
Hans Ulrich Obrist’s “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Curating” is my bible right now. For Polimoda I am organising a conference in Florence in 2015 on the theme of Danilo Venturi MOMENTING THE MEMENTO. My research is based on great geniuses from the past. We want to recreate emotions, compare museums, archives and public and private areas in the city. I am investigating the history of Florence, its urban planning and its architecture. In the fashion sector, blogs and magazines offer a very high level of writing and comments. Colin McDowell, Suzy Menkes, Maria Kivimaa and Danilo Venturi write really stimulating comments about the fashion system, provocation for creation of the so badly needed new generation. The language of fashion is changing, creation of a new intellectual culture is a priority. Criticism is the base for optimism in the growth of the global fashion system. 
Are you in favour of digital books or are you still linked to the traditional version?
Still the traditional version; we spend all day on our computers. A book in my hand gives me a sense of peace and quiet. You can sit on a sofa and read a book before you go to sleep. It is relaxing and takes you to a place where you can think of things other than everyday stuff.