Project room Myownbooks By Roberta Molin Corvo

Fashion / Music / Design / Graphics Telling with books A personal journey into the libraries of the creative
We asked Roberta Molin Corvo – journalist, Art Events & Artist Management – to take some photos of her personal library and answer a few questions.
Your favourite books?
My absolute favourites are those that have given me better personal insight and those that have also perhaps confused me a little, opening me up to new horizons plus all those on psychology: Carl Gustav Jung, Alexander Lowen, Eric Berne …
What was the first ever book you read and loved? 
This is very simple – there has never been a first, always the last or, more accurately, the last ones: Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann, Asylum by Patrick McGrath, Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips and The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen.
Are there any books that are in some way inspiring you? 
Definitely all those that I read to the end, all those still on my bookshelves.
Are you in favour of digital books or are you still linked to the traditional version?
I adore art and photography books as an object, but for how I am and my daily life I am in favour of the digital book. I already use one and that is where I start looking when I want to buy a new book, shame that many times there is no digital version of the one I am searching for.