Fashion / Graphics by Fulvio Ravagnani
When the creative personality is rich and truly free, it does not fear challenges, classification and changes. This happens to Richard Haines, a career that exceeds the designer or illustrator definitions, we met him to discover better its thinnest point of view on creativity and fashion.
Let me start by talking about your career as a designer you have become one of the most followed fashion illustrators. How did it happen?
It was really out of necessity - in 2008 there weren't a lot of great jobs for designers. The economy had just stopped and I wasn't able to find work. A friend suggested I start a blog to showcase my work, and once I started to draw and post the drawings, the blog took off! It was a scary transition from designer to artist, but I'm so happy that it happened, and I am now doing what I really love to do!
Your works are very popular and used by brands and  media, but there is also a tangent with art, what kind of feeling you have with this thing? There are differences approach in your work?
I ask myself this question many times - the difference between art and the work I do for brands and commissions. When a brand like Prada or Dries Van Noten asks me to collaborate, it's important for me to get into the head of the company. I've been fortunate because I really love and admire the brands I've worked with, so it hasn't been a stretch. The art that I do is strictly for myself - what interests me, excites me. But the two really do cross over - sometimes it's difficult to separate them! I want to bring the excitement and joy of art to all my projects.
Can we talk about creativity? You can give a definition of this word? Or at least a recipe of your creativity?
Hmmmm, yes I think it's easiest to define creativity by watching a person draw, dance or play in instrument. I think creativity is when a person really is in touch with their truest self, and is able to express it in a positive, sharing way. It's always wonderful to watch children paint or tell a story. They don't have the conditioning we have as adults, they are so much more attuned to their creative beings because they aren't trained to seek acceptance - they're just doing what feels right.  The recipe? To be honest and true to myself!
What fashion needs most today? I say more irony, and you?
“Irony”? That's so interesting. Irony is certainly important - things do seem to obvious these days. But I would have to say that what fashion needs most today is Less.  Less stuff, less but better made clothes, products etc. I don't know how it would actually work - we live in a hyper capitalist culture of more but it would be interesting to look at the possibility. The first time I went to Paris, this was many years ago, I would sit in Café de Flore every day and watch people walk by. I realized that people were wearing the same suit every day and changing the accessories - but it was always the same suit, the suit of the season. Perfectly tailored, good fabric - chic. I love that approach - less is more!

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