Project room Myownbooks By Emiliano Rinaldi

Fashion / Design / Graphics Telling with books A personal journey into the libraries of the creative
We asked Emiliano Rinaldi – winner of the 2011 Who is on next? Uomo, in January 2012 taking part as a New Performer and this time round starring in a lead role at Pitti Italics with a performance event in the Villa Vittoria Lemon House on 10 January 2013 – to take some photos of his personal library and answer a few questions.
Your favourite books?
I really don’t have any favourites… I am easily swayed by many things in books, so that they could all be considered favourites… books on photos, art, engineering, architecture, but also poetry.
What was the first ever book you read and loved? 
I’m not being very original here but it was,  The Little Prince - my home tutor made me read it. I was fascinated by what he did and it has remained firmly in my memory. I must have reread that book 5 or 6 more times over the years and each time it brings me new emotions.
Are there any books that are in some way inspiring you? 
There are no specific books… at home I am surrounded on the one side by my father’s engineering books and on the other by my abstract art books, in particular on futurism… a mix that is always reflected in my collections.
Are you in favour of digital books or are you still linked to the traditional version?
I am renowned for being very traditionalist in what I do and think.
I don’t instinctively go looking for that kind of innovation, I let myself be drawn naturally and slowly… I didn’t buy an iPad until just recently for example.

By Fulvio Ravagnani