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Project room Fashion out of Proportion. A menswear conversation with Tigran Avetisyan

Fashion / Photography by Sara Pizzi

“Change, future, experimentation…these words define fashion for me.”

When a style is unconventional by nature, it needs a strong dose of expressiveness and minimalism to be considered innovative. And Tigran Avetisyan must have plenty of style to have been sponsored by the LVMH Group for his baptismal diploma fashion show at Central Saint Martin’s. An opportunity that few get in life. Or none at all. And which Avetisyan succeeded in seizing with great willpower. 
To his passion for Helmut Lang’s poetic deconstructivism, Tigran has added the feelings of an entire generation, which ideally finds a voice in the slogans printed on his garments. The result is oversized menswear: over in size in blazers, trousers and tops with essential lines and elongated silhouette. And “over” in expressiveness, with a unique sensibility that feeds on the people and events that revolve around the designer, devouring every feeling and emotion and absorbing every place, voice or person he has contact with.
We met him in Florence for Pitti Uomo where he was the main player in The Latest Fashion Buzz: the new special Pitti Immagine project, in conjunction with Men’s Vogue and GQ Italia, which featured some of the best talent in international men’s fashion. And between photo shoots with the Un-Categorized team of stylists and a work appointment, we exchanged a few words about his designer status.
Let’s start with now. Tell me about your experience at Pitti Uomo? Is it different from what you expected?
It’s my first ever Pitti. And I have really never taken part in anything so big and professional before. You get the chance to meet so many people and get so much feedback that you feel dazed and intoxicated, in a positive sense, of course.
And what about The Latest Fashion Buzz?
I think that the selection of designers was very interesting. And not because I’m taking part, but because the team for The Latest Fashion Buzz really did an excellent job of scouting. I have seen some of the best up-and-coming talent on the international scene. And I’m extremely honoured to be part of the group!
When speaking of young talent, we often hear words like “experimentation”, “future” and “change”. But what do they mean to you?
There’s no doubt that these words are the purest definition of fashion. If you stop changing, evolving and experimenting, even once, for one season, well, you’ve stopped being a designer. We designers have the duty to keep seeking for a “New Look”.  
Your garments often bear slogans, like “Last Words” or “No Future”. What do they really mean to you?
I don’t like to give my creations or my slogans an exact meaning. I don’t want to be presumptuous. I’ve never liked definitions, and keeping a certain air of mystery is important for the wearers of my collection, to feel fully comfortable and represented by my garments. In a certain sense, leaving people free to interpret them as they wish, living the “slogans” with the intensity they feel, is precisely my idea of creating fashion! 
What frightens you the most about being a fashion designer nowadays and, on the other hand, what excites you most about this job?
What frightens me the most, in all honesty, is the risk of being an artist only by requirement. Just to meet someone’s needs. And then bringing out new collections every six months is highly stressful. But that said, I’m very young and I have lots of time to say and show what I think and that is very, very exciting!