Art and fashion talk kolor

Fashion / Design By Leonardo Iuffrida

Fashion for happiness, serenity and wellbeing. This is the mood with which the Japanese stylist Junichi Abe introduces his Kolor collection at the Sferisterio in the Parco delle Cascine in Florence. No other premises provide the same mesmerizing effect, with refined details of a style that is beyond fashion and is pure and functional, aiming for the essence of things. Since the first catwalk, our minds are reset by a breath of fresh air that sweeps away these burdening times. Music by Squarepusher and Atoms for Peace enhance this process. We witness a form of meditation more than a show. Shiny sandals brighten up these men's identities that slowly take shape. Subtle floral prints and geometric inserts are part of soft, ruffled fabric in neutral and dusty colours. Ice, mint and peach-pink dashes give an overall lightness and zest. A relaxed but composed man, who is as light and realistic as his clothing.